El Mambo World, LLC Relocating Offices

After 27 Years of being based in Kansas City, MO representing every Hispanic/Latino and Caribbean Culture through Live Authentic Music - Miguel “El Mambo” will be relocating in OCT 2014 to Phoenix, Arizona

“My move to Kansas City, in September of 1986, has been a blessing - a Calling - to be one voice for many through my music. Just  as you all have been chosen, be it knowingly or unknowingly, your specific paths with different professions brought us together, as the ones who would best represent and collaborate with all of Kansas City and Mid-West Hispanic/Latino communities,” comments Miguel Mambo.

“A special thanks to all who receive this announcement.  It means at one time or another during my 27 years in Kansas City and the Midwest that we collaborated.  We recognized our responsibility through our varied businesses and professions, in representing the Hispanic/Latino Community and its growing power and contributions in the best possible light – both culturally and economically! I am truly humbled to have had a small part serving a greater purpose” says Mambo. “It has also been my humble honor, through my music, to serve and represent in giving VOICE to so many of the Latino Sub-Cultures such as Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Cuba, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador and many more. Through LATIN MUSIC, the Hispanic/Latino Cultures have gone GLOBAL! I look forward to continue working with all of you as well as others with like minded people by sharing this gift of music all over the world as I move forward on my journey to Phoenix, Arizona and Larger Market Areas in the SW Region, national and international”…. Y Dále Mambo!

“El Mambo” Lives By the Power of the People

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